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If you want to run for office in Wyoming you have got the look the part. Especially if you were not raised here. Even those who are from Wyoming rarely dress Wyoming. Cant let people know that though.

So off to the store you go to plunk down some bucks on looking like a person from Wyoming. Here are 5 things all Wyoming politicians thing they must wear in order to get elected. We have no idea who told them this was necessary but they seem to think it is.

1). A big cowboy hat is a must. But they might want to get some help in how to wear that hat. There are tell tail signs showing this person has never owned one before.

2). Cowboy boots. But if they look too new and to stiff, and if they don't know how to walk in them, then we can tell that they have never stepped foot on a ranch before.

3). Cowboy shirt. Hint, if it has tassels, it's fake. If it is too clean, it is fake. Cowboy shirts are never taken to the dry cleaners, so, if it too pressed it is fake.

4). Blue jeans. Like the hat and boots, we can tell if you just bought them. We can tell if you wear them to work outside of if you only have them on because you are giving a speech.

5). A bolo tie. That's only for fancy dress up occasions. Not television commercials. Leave it at home.

On second thought, let them dress up. We can tell the fakers by the way they wear their Wyoming gear.

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