Wyoming residents love to play practical jokes on tourist. Just ask the people of Douglas about their Jackalope statue and why it is there. They will tell you a story with a straight face.

The jackalope is a real animal by the way, just so there is no confusion.

This summer lets add a few new ideas to our list of practical jokes we can play on Wyoming tourist.

1). Buffalo Petting Permit. - Apparently Yellowstone is a giant petting zoo. Who knew? That means you can make a lot of money in Yellowstone by selling permits to pet the buffalo. Why should they get trounced and gored for free?

2). Yellowstone Geyser Rides. - Did they come to Wyoming for adventure? Why stop at zip lines and white water rafting. Take a ride on one of Yellowstone's famous geysers. We just rent them an inner tube and they can go out there and sit on it, waiting for the next eruption. Since those eruptions happen like clock work we can keep the line moving.

3). Eating those yummy little "prairie peanuts." They are an all natural and healthy, organic food. They can be found where pronghorn hangout. Why do you think the pronghorn gather in those areas? Just look on the ground and your find little black and brown "peanuts" just laying around in little piles. They go great as a side dish for Rocky Mountain Oysters.

4). Pretend you have cell service when there is no cell service in the area. "Must be something wrong with your phone."

5). Pretend this is actually Montana. Give them directions to South Dakota, tell them it's the quickest way to Denver.

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