Are you looking for a gift for a Wyoming graduate?

How about celebrating your student's accomplishments by giving them something from right here in Wyoming, the state has some unique products.

  • Lintao Zhang, Getty Images

    Wyoming Jade

    Wyoming is known for it's large deposits of jade, one of the state's online retailers of the mineral Nephrite is Wind River Originals, LLC. Jade is Wyoming's state gemstone and would be a solid reminder for graduates of where they came from.

  • Mike Rorabeck, Townsquare Media

    Wyoming Quarters

    Are you a collector of the U.S. Mint's 50 State Quarters? In 2007 they released the Wyoming quarter with it's iconic bucking horse on the back. Maybe your graduate would appreciate a few rolls of Wyoming quarters. If they're going away to college, they can use them as conversation starters or to do their laundry.

  • Courtesy of Wyoming Lottery

    WyoLotto Tickets

    Just for the thrill of it, give your grad a bunch of WyoLotto Cowboy Draw tickets. They are only sold in Wyoming so your odds are better than the national games; Powerball and Mega Millions and who knows what $100 worth of tickets could turn in to.

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    Wyoming Air

    What gift represents Wyoming better than a bottle of our fresh high country air. Yep, a company in Jackson Hole called Wyoming Air Company is selling a wide selection of products with the slogan 'Wyoming Air Company, we're full of it.' As a novelty gift and something to remind your graduate of home, give them a bottle they can take a whiff of now and then.


    Trip to Yellowstone

    Here in Wyoming, our trip to Disneyland is heading to the northwest corner of the state to enjoy Yellowstone National Park. The nation's first National Park offers abundant wildlife and lots of surprising geothermal wonders. Whether it's your first time or even if you've been there many times it's always spectacular to see.