Monday officially kicked off that which kiddos from around Laramie Country were expecting, the Laramie County Fair. Here are some historical facts of where it got its start.  The very first Laramie County fair was held in Wheatland, Wyoming back in 1907. Hundreds of folks would load up on the train and rail their way up to Wheatland to take their spot at Cheyenne Day at the fair.

At that time, Laramie also included in what is now called Platte and Goshen Counties. But today, the Laramie County Fair draws youngsters from all over to show off their pigs, sheep, horses and other livestock and are hoping for a blue ribbon for their efforts.

Here are 5 historical facts about the Laramie County Fair that you may not have known about. We encourage you to head out to the Archer Complex and find out what goes on at the Laramie County Fair.

  1. The Laramie County Fair moved to the Archer Complex in Laramie County, laying out 145 acres for the fair.
  2. The Laramie County Fair moved to Frontier Park, in Cheyenne, after World War II. The reason was due to the explosive movement of the 4-H Club.
  3. The Laramie County Fair moved to Pine Bluffs, WY around 1918 as the fair grounds played a vital role in Pine Bluffs.
  4. Grandstands were installed in Burns for visitors and spectators to view the event.
  5. The fair was usually held in September and typically on a Thursday and Friday back in 1908 through 1917. The main events, at that time, were men and women horse races and a kids pony race.

Hope you can make it out to the Laramie County Fair this year. It's going to be a fun time.