Five businesses vying for the city's one available retail liquor license made their appeal to the Cheyenne City Council Monday night.

Central Enterprises, Inc.; Cheyenne Event Center at Pershing Plaza, LLC; Chet Halvorson Properties, LLC; Dough Dog, LLC; and Sam's West, Inc. doing business as Sam's Club are competing for the license.

The license is available through the city as a result of the 2015 state mid-term population census and provisions of state law prescribing a population formula for allocation of certain liquor license types to municipalities.

Central Enterprises wants to use the license for a "high-end" restaurant on the corner of 17th Street and Carey Avenue.

John Masters, who represents the owners, says they hope to open in 2017 in advance of Cheyenne Frontier Days.

"It will add a new level of life to this part of downtown," said Masters.

Cheyenne Event Center plans to construct a "family friendly" center at 1620 Pershing Boulevard that would cater to family reunions, weddings and birthdays.

"We have plenty of restaurants with bars," said Art Hansen, who is heading the project.

Councilwoman Annette Williams asked Hansen if he would proceed with the project if he didn't get the license, to which Hansen replied, "When you have a passion you've got to follow your dream."

Chet Halvorson and his partner, Craig Riley, recently purchased the old steam plant at 800 West 17th Street and would use the license for a bar/restaurant in the building.

"It would be similar to what you find in downtown Denver," said Halvorson.

Halvorson says they plan to close on the property in January and could be open by the spring of 2017.

Dough Dog wants to use the license for a restaurant that would be located on the northwest corner of Dell Range Boulevard and Powderhouse Road.

"The property has a number of entitlement issues," said Hans Kuhlman.

The property, which is currently under contract, sits in a flood plain near the Greenway and several in the community have voiced opposition to the development.

"Don't get rid of that natural space," said long-time Cheyenne resident Frank Cole.

If awarded the license, Sam's Club would construct a 1,500 square foot Liquor Box to sell alcohol at its store at 1948 Dell Range Boulevard.

"I feel like we have a different model," said Store Manager Cody Nelson.

Representatives from Sam's Club emphasized that they, unlike the other applicants, could put the license to work immediately and generate roughly $3.5 million a year.

But some, including Councilman Bryan Cook, questioned whether awarding the license to Sam's Club would hurt a nearby liquor store.

"It'll put me out of business," said Tom King, Owner of Cloud 9 Liquorland.

The fate of the license now goes to the council's Finance Committee, which will take public input on the issue when it meets on Monday, November 16.

Councilman Jim Brown, who chairs the committee, says it will be a difficult decision which applicant, if any, gets the license.

"The council is not required to issue a license to any of the applicants," said Brown.