It seems that hackers are all around us. We've heard about big stores getting hacked along with people's personal information. But what about us personally?  Scams are everywhere nowadays and come in all kinds of hidden forms, where you'd least expect them to be. Here are 5 scams that I think you should be looking out for.

  1. Criagslist - There are some scam artists on this popular place to buy a car or truck. Recently, I was a victim of a scam and they used PayPal Cash to rob me. Everything looked legit, but it wasn't. Make sure the automobile is being sold by someone you can talk to. No text or email.
  2. Health Care - If someone calls you to help you get set up with healthcare, hang up. The government will not approach you this way. If anything, you'll need to go on their website and sign up.
  3. Jury Duty - If someone calls you and tells you that you'll be fined because you didn't show up for jury duty, then you need to hang up. The courts do not operate this way. Not showing up for jury duty can get you into some trouble, but be aware of scam artists that would try and get your personal information over the phone.
  4. E-mail - You get an email from a legitimate entity like your mortgage company, credit union, or even the I.R.S. and it's addressed, "Dear Customer." Be aware. If you open the link and you don't recognize the sender, you may download a nasty virus. Most companies will address you by name and not by customer.
  5. Computer Maintenance Company - If you're cell phone rings and you don't know the number, let them leave a message. If you answer and the person on the other end says I'm calling to repair your computer, hang up. That happened to me and I asked them what my I.P. Address was and they abruptly hung up on me. Imaging that!

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