A crowd estimated by Cheyenne Police at between 1500 and 2000 men and women turned out for the Cheyenne "Women's March"  in support of progressive causes and opposition to President Trump Saturday morning.

Marchers carried signs and chanted slogans such as "Women's rights are human rights." Many of the marchers carried signs promoting women's rights, abortion rights and other progressive themes.

Opposition to President Trump was another overriding theme, with signs featuring messages such as "the only good Trump is a card" and "I'm proud to be a nasty woman."

Some marchers also carried signs opposing House BIll 135 in the Wyoming Legislature.

Sara Burlingame of Wyoming Equality, one of the groups organizing the event, said it was a "progressive march to provide solidarity with women and men who feel like the misogyny, the ableism and the racism that they have heard from our new president doesn't reflect our values."

Burlingame said she was surprised at the turnout in heavily Republican Wyoming, which went overwhelmingly for Donald Trump on election day. She says when the parade was first being organized she wasn't sure if more than 50 people would show up.

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