How would you like to have this beautiful limited edition 1966 High Country Mustang parked in your driveway?  You could possibly win it, for only $25!

This American Classic is the “King Midas Mustang,” amazingly restored by the good people at Midas Tire and Auto Centers of Cheyenne, Lennox Auto Body Repair, and NAPA Auto Parts. Not only could this classic make you one happy owner, it will actually help three wonderful non-profit organizations right here in Cheyenne; Needs, Inc., Habitat for Humanity and Safehouse.  How?

Now through November 28th, you can purchase raffle tickets for just $25, for your shot to win the “KING Midas Mustang.”  Then on November 29th, we’ll be drawing for the winner of this limited edition classic, and the proceeds will be divided between the three charities.   Where to get the raffle tickets?

You can stop into Midas Tire and Auto Centers in Cheyenne, Midas Speedy Lube in Cheyenne, Lennox Auto Body Repair, Habitat for Humanities Resale Store, Needs, Inc., or you can contact Safehouse in Cheyenne to get your tickets.  You can also get your raffle tickets online at 

Most of all, you get a shot at winning this Mustang classic, AND help out these three charities, which, make us ALL winners when it comes to helping our community!  Good luck!