The National Park Service (NPS) is extending the public comment period on an Environmental Assessment (EA) that evaluates the proposed issuance of concession contracts for guided, interpretive saddle and pack stock tours in Yellowstone National Park.

The comment period is being extended for an additional 30 days, until January 10, 2014, to give prospective outfitters currently operating in their busy season more time to review the proposed plan.

Currently, the park has 44 contracts for guided saddle and pack stock tours. The existing 10-year contracts are set to expire in December, 2013, but have been extended for one year to December, 2014, in order to complete this EA.

The intent of the EA is not to eliminate stock use in the park, but rather to manage commercial use in accordance with the 1998 NPS Concessions Management Improvement Act and the NPS Management Policies 2006. Comments must be received by midnight MDT, Friday, January 10, 2014.