Yesterday was, indeed, the first day of school for Cheyenne's Laramie County School District #1, and believe it or not, it looks like the survival rate for both students and teachers was 100%. So what now?

Well, this weekend marks the beginning for Fall school sports like football, and volleyball and that means that most of us parents once again find ourselves transforming into "SUPER-TAXI". As the price of gasoline continues to rise, I, for one, am seriously considering installing a taxi meter in the family mini van. Oh, and let's not forget that with orange cone season still in session, we now have the added cost of extra gas in delivering our children to all those practices and games as we run the gauntlet and scratch our heads in trying to find out, "how the heck do you get there from here"?

I don't remember my parents having to jump through all these hoops to get us where we needed to go, and I just remembered why. Mom and Dad would just say, "If you want to go that's fine, but you have to find your own way there. We're busy."

Well, that's about it from here. I am off to my friendly (or not so friendly) neighborhood convenience or (inconvenient) store to fill my tank for today's taxi duties. Wish me luck. I may have to send up emergency flares if I get lost in one of the many detours.