Join me, Gary Freeman along with WyWatch Family Action's board members Wally Rayl, Becky Vandeberghe and ADF Attorney Daniel Blomberg as we discuss Civil Unions being the Trojan Horse for Same-Sex Marriage in Wyoming and across America! Find out who, in our legislature, in Wyoming are for and against the issue and why it is so important to our families, our state and our country! Freelance writer Chris Adamo weighs in as well. Click past the jump to find out more.



[/caption]WyWatch Family Action, Inc is an independent non-profit family policy corporation registered in the state of Wyoming and with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)4 (which means contributions are not tax deductible).  We are actively working with national organizations, such as Alliance Defense Fund, Focus on the Family Action, and Family Research Council to bring forth a constitutional amendment protecting marriage in the state of Wyoming.

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