According to a new study, nearly 1 in 10 U.S. kids have been diagnosed with ADHD, and the National Instutes of Health says it is the most common behavioral disorders in children. Explore this with us in our 'Kids-At-Risk' series on The Morning Zone today at 7:07AM MDT.

At 8:07, Marvin Nash will be back with us along the road of his barrel roll between Reno and Las Vegas to promote the upcoming International Conference on School Bullying.

Dr. Lucas and Phyllis Sherard, Director, Office of Community Health and Governmental Affairs, with Cheyenne Regional Medical Center will be the guests at 9:07. They plan to discuss the Wyoming Integrated Care Network recently formed by Wyoming hospitals. The focus is for hospitals to work together to provide integrated care for the people of Wyoming. Phyllis talked about the network when she was a guest in June, and will update us on the progress.