A Trooper checking on a suspicious vehicle parked behind a WYDOT maintenance shed has lead to the seizure of over 21 pounds of marijuana and over 2 ounces of hashish in addition to landing two men in jail on felony drug charges. The Trooper was patrolling Interstate 80 and was checking on a WYDOT remote loader storage building at the US 189 interchange approximately 7 miles east of Evanston shortly after noon on Wednesday when he noticed a vehicle parked behind the building on State property. Patrol Sgt. Stephen Townsend says two male individuals were out of the car and when questioned by the Trooper neither admitted to being the driver of the 2005 Suzuki XL7.  Eventually, one of the men admitted that he was in fact the driver and owner of the vehicle. 

 Townsend says upon a pat down of that individual, 57 year-old Gary Hanshaw from Penn Valley, California, a small user amount of marijuana was found in his pocket. The passenger was 60 year-old Robert Wason who also claimed an address in Penn Valley.  It appeared both individuals were impaired from marijuana use and Hanshaw was arrested for driving while impaired. Upo n searching the vehicle Troopers discovered 3 duffle bags in the rear of the vehicle.  In the duffle bags Troopers found 21 individually vacuum sealed bags of high grade marijuana with a total weight of just over 21 pounds.  The marijuana has a street value of approximately $127,200.00.  Also found was vacuum sealed bag of marijuana kief.  Kief or Keef is a green powder made from the resin glands, usually from the female marijuana plant, that have been finely sifted or silk screened from the buds of the plant.