Today at 9:07AM MDT, Wyoming State Superintendent of Education, Cindy Hill will be back with us on The Morning Zone. We will talk with Cindy about the proposed new K-12 standards for math, language arts,  health,  foreign language and more, plus, more on the newly legislated state law that requires school districts to implement the 16:1 student teacher ratio, and about how the Department will consider district requests for temporary waivers to that law in the next few years while they plan and build new schools to bring them into compliance.

But first, Fr0sty Wooldridge will not be able to be with us in the 7:07 segment, but Frosty's brother Howard will be back in his stead to update us on the progress or failure of the drug war, and the new statistics out showing that disasterous effects of that "war".

At 8:07, Rebecca Costa will be our guest to discuss the Political uprisings in the middle east and north Africa. Are they a function of natural selection or democracy in action?