There’s not much in this world more important than your kids and their education.  I’m pretty sure any parent would agree.  With the smell and feel of Spring in the air, I got to thinking about Summer, and that reminds me that another school year is about to come to a close before we know it.

Now, we’re talking Kindergarten through 12th grade here.  It appears that there are basically four choices for parents in America today.

The first is the route that I took with my own children.  I was a single father with two kids, and so the choice was clear;  I sent my children to the public school system.  A free education was the choice I made.

There are other options of course.  The first that comes to mind is a charter school.  While still a free, publicly supported option, many parents see advantages to this form of schooling.

Church or Parochial school is also an option. Many parents view their children’s spiritual education just as important as their academic pursuits.

Finally, there is the option of home schooling your children. That, of course, requires a real dedication on the part of mom or dad that some simply don’t have the time for in this world of (if you’re lucky) a dual income family.

So, If you had your ‘druthers….where would you educate your child?

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