It's a banner day in The Morning Zone with Dave Chaffin. Today, Dave's guests are:

7:07AM MDT: New York Times bestselling author David Limbaugh is back with what is a definitive indictment of President Obama’s time in office. In The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic, Limbaugh exposes, in detail, Obama’s reckless use of executive orders, unprecedented recess appointments, and shameful groveling to foreign leaders.

7:37AM MDT: Mattea Kramer...Kramer is a research analyst for the National Priorities Project, which is just releasing a book "A People's Guide to the Federal Budget." Kramer says, "This is compounded by a federal income-tax system riddled with tax breaks that largely benefit wealthy Americans. Thus, even as middle-class wealth has eroded in recent years, the federal government handed a $4.4 billion housing subsidy to the top 1 percent of Americans in 2011. That diverted tax dollars away from long-term investment in the middle class, such as tuition support for higher education."

8:07AM MDT:  Anya Petersen-Frey, Southeast Regional Director, Small Business Development Center,  is back for her monthly visit on ways to grow your business, and today she brings with her Gary Imig, the President of Sierra Trading Post. Anya and Gary will be talking with Dave on  how to successfully sell on the internet.  Anya says she has  had several clients in recent weeks determine that they want to start online businesses as their primary source of income - not just occasional sales, or as an addendum to a brick and mortar store.