Today, Dave's guests will be:

7:07AM MDT: Chris Markowski, our Watchdog on Wall Street, talking about those issues that effect our pocketbooks including the new Republican budget proposal

7:37AM MDT: How to Create a Business on A Budget...In the face of continued high rates of unemployment, many people would love to start their own business but worry about what it will cost and have no clue where to begin. Feeling insecure in these unstable economic times is natural, but don’t allow fear to keep you from building your own empire! Entrepreneurial business consultant Lindsay Frucci has proven you can create your own success right out of your home without much start-up money. She’s the author of “The Pig and Me,” which shares how she built a multi-million dollar specialty food company out of her kitchen with no previous business experience.

8:07AM MDT: Anya Peterson-Frey-Wy I will be bringing Chris Lansford from the Department of Corrections with me tomorrow for my monthly segment.  I'm sure you may wonder why :)  but the system has Brand Industries that can provide small businesses with manufacturing and assistance in certain industries. I have a few clients who have used their sewing operations.  Below is some information about Chris and the program. Chris Lansford joined the Wyoming Department of Corrections as Manager of Marketing and Sales for Correctional Industries in June 2010. Chris started her career in Corrections in 1999 as the warden's secretary in a Super-max prison. She later worked for nine years in positions of increasing responsibility in sales production, administration, and operations at Arizona Correctional Industries (ACI). ACI is a model correctional industries program able to make substantial financial contributions to the state's general fund and to the Arizona Department of Corrections' work based education programs.Ms. Lansford was a vital member of the strategic team at ACI that achieved record revenues of nearly 33 million dollars in fiscal year 2010. Ms. Lansford brings diversified management experience in the processes necessary to create self-sustaining correctional industries.

9:07AM MDT: Michael Vilardi, WHEN DEBT AND TAXES MEET: Recession Throws Curve Ball for Many Filing Returns...Like a roller coaster with a few extra twists and turns, the lingering economic crash of 2008, still weighing heavily on so many Americans, may have some surprises left in it. For example, in the midst of this Great Recession, lenders have written off billions of dollars of credit card and mortgage debt considered uncollectible. Initially, this may have provided some relief for those struggling with unemployment and rising consumer costs. But seasoned tax expert and retired criminal investigator with the IRS, Michael Vilardi, has a word of warning. Cancelled debt is taxable. …With a few exceptions, however. So, how do folks—most of whom have already been through a financial wringer—navigate this one?