Today, host Dave Chaffin will ave a myriad of guests to give you lots of compelling information:

7:07AM MDT: Syria continues in a state of civil war, and may of it's top officials now are and the U.S. are rattling sabers again to Iran...Middle Eastern analyst and commentator, Micah Halpern guests to make sense of this for us.

7:37AM MDT: Candidate for Laramie County Commission, Lars Lone, will be on inform us on his platform and what he believes to be the priorities for Laramie County

8:07AM MDT: Ask-A-Local-Expert, Ann Lucas, Executive Vice President at First Eucation Federal Credit Union will be talking about "Payday Loans"

8:37AM MDT: The folks for Cheyenne's Mead Lumber are back to talk more about ways they can help you with those late summer projects.

9-10AM MDT: Open Lines...Your chance to call in and share your thoughts and 1-888-503-6500, or locally at 307-632-6500 or 632-3323.