Get ready for another great program today on The Morning Zone:

7:07AM MST: Early Bird Open Lines...If you need to head off to work early, and the boss won't let you call in to The Morning Zone on their time...then this is the time for you. Call in and be our guest and pick the topic. 1-888-503-6500 toll free or 307-632-6500 or 632-3323.

8:07AM MST: Cheyenne Radiology Group...What makes their business unique: Cheyenne Radiology Group’s top priority is its patients. By performing comprehensive diagnostic imaging and providing definitive interpretation of the data and images obtained, the entire team at the full-service medical imaging center work together to give patients and their physicians information critical to timely healthcare decisions. A combination of advanced digital technology, highly trained and experienced staff enables Cheyenne Radiology Group to provide results quickly and confidently. Since 1952, over two million patients in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska have chosen and trusted Cheyenne Radiology group to deliver timely, accurate results in and environment that emphasizes patient individuality convenience and dignity.   If your doctor tells you, you need a cat scan, MRI, ultra sound or other medical imaging service ask for the experts. Cheyenne Radiology Group has been in business 60 years and they understand what is best for their patients. Listen to the audio below for more information.

9:07AM MST: Dr. Ruby Zubrod returns with us today to talk more about what they do at Brant Audiology Associates . Brant Audiology Associatesis the largest hearing, balance, tinnitus and cochlear implant clinic in the Southeast Wyoming and Western Nebraska region with a personal feel. They are dedicated to helping those we serve attain the best hearing, tinnitus relief and balance possible. Each person is treated as an individual and they work together to develop treatment options that are tailored for their individual needs and lifestyles. Their compassionate doctors of audiology work with infants through geriatrics.

9:37AM MST: Our very own "Digital Cowboy", Jon Green will join us to talk about how our Digital Department can help you with all your digital needs.