7:07AM MDT: Chris Brady -   Everyone needs a vacation. But How, When Wallets Are Stressed Too? Among those Americans not struggling to find work, many are, instead, laboring up to twice as many hours to offset pay cuts or demotions. And, yet, even that making-ends-meet finish line continues to be pulled away due to inflation the government denies. Can anyone say $4 gas? How about $7 milk?
So, do we all need a vacation? Absolutely. According to Chris Brady, humorist, leadership guru and author of the new book, A Month of Italy: Rediscovering the Art of Vacation, America needs some serious downtime now more than ever. But, with all this penny-pinching stress, who can afford it?! It’s one brutal catch 22 few people have the luxury to solve, as taking a break doesn’t even seem like an option.

7:37AM MDT: Jihadists Take Aim at Egyptian Military..Ryan Mauro is the national security analyst of RadicalIslam.org, the founder of WorldThreats.com and a frequent guest on Fox News Channel. Sixteen Egyptian soldiers are dead after unidentified jihadists carried out a terrorist attack in the Sinai Peninsula, striking at the only institution standing in the way of an Islamist takeover of Egypt. The assailants were stopped as they entered Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood predictably accused Israeli intelligence of being responsible for the massacre, but all indications point to Al-Qaeda-type jihadists. The operation began when about 35 terrorists traveling in three vehicles attacked an Egyptian military outpost, killing the 16 soldiers. They then went into Israel with bomb belts strapped to their waists and an armored car carrying about half a ton of explosives. The Israelis, who received a tip devoid of any actionable details over the weekend, launched three strikes, destroying the vehicle and six or seven terrorists. The rest escaped. It is thought that the terrorists wanted to kidnap an Israeli soldier.

8:07AM MDT: Anya M. Petersen Frey, Southeast Regional Director, Small Business Development Center WyomingEntrepreneur.biz or WyEn.biz guests along with Dave Simonson and Sandy Quinlan from the Wyoming Business Council and will be talking on the business segment. Dave and Sandy manage several of the grant and loan programs offered by the Wyoming Business Council and will share with us how the programs work and how they create public/private partnerships in some cases and the criteria to get involved.  Below are short introductions for Dave and Sandy as well as links to the programs they manage.