Today, we have a full slate of interesting and informative guests in store for you:

7:07AM MST: This week's early open lines. Call in with your concerns and comments at 1-888-503-6500 toll free or 307-632-6500 or 632-3323.

7:37AM MST: Ben Barrak is back and so is PALLYWOOD.: As Israel decides to defend itself by hitting back at Gaza, Palestinians employ an old tactic.With the recent attacks leveled against Hamas strongholds in Gaza by Israeli forces, which included the killing of Hamas' military commander Ahmed al-Jabari, Palestinians have begun to realize that the Israelis have reached a breaking point. Whenever that happens, Gazans reach into their deck for the victim card and their land turns into a movie set – Pallywood. In the latest example, caught on video, an alleged injured man is carried off by other Palestinians but is magically healed moments later. The term Pallywood was first coined by a man named Richard Landes, who made a documentary about the phenomenon in 2006 after gaining access to raw footage or “rushes” from Netzarim Junction in the Gaza Strip in the year 2000. What he found was jaw-dropping. Palestinians would fake injuries and shooting scenes and then pass them off as news. Ben Barrack, conservative talk show host, writer, and author of the new book, Unsung Davids, which includes a chapter on Richard Landes and Pallywood, is available for interviews to discuss Pallywood rearing its head once again. Barrack insists that what Landes uncovered is a key strategem of war for the Palestinians that westerners must process and confront.

8:07AM MST: Anya Peterson Frey from Wyoming is back with us. As the year ends, she wanted to finish up with everyone’s favorite topic, finances.  This was a challenging summer and fall for some businesses, spending was on hold for some consumers and businesses waiting for the outcome of the election and has not necessarily picked back up.  So, businesses need to understand their numbers and what they can do to make the picture better – often it is a series of small shifts that can make a huge difference. Bruce Morse will be joining us to discuss:
-          Business typically don’t pay too much attention to their balance sheet (if they even know what it is), but cash flow is managed on the balance sheet, not income statement.
-          A few tips of things to try to enhance their cash flow; billing and credit practices, managing inventory, vendor credit/terms, borrowing properly.
-          Examples of why bigger (in terms of sales growth) isn’t always better.
-          The importance of having accurate, timely financial information.
And entrepreneur Mike Lilygren, owner of Bridge Outdoors in Lander, will join us with the “real” world look at how “playing” with finances enhanced his business.

9:07AM MST: First time guest DR. JOHN McTERNAN will be talking about TEL AVIV, TELL THE FUTURE: Are Israel and Hamas Fulfilling Prophecy?
After Hamas sent more than 200 rockets into Israel’s heavily populated city of Tel Aviv, Israel is responding with mobilization of ground forces that may very well invade Gaza within the coming days.This in the shadow of continued Syrian violence, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in nation’s like Egypt, the apparent resurgence of al Qaeda in places like Libya and, of course, the ongoing nuclear ambitions of Iran…Not to mention, nearly all of this unraveling throughout the Muslim world has occurred on Obama’s watch, with the most aggressive Arab–Israeli tension now brewing just days after his reelection…Are the Middle East and the world at large on the brink of a war that could trigger the fulfillment of Biblical end-times predictions? Do four more years of Obama and the growing economic and national-security vulnerability of America factor into this?

9:30AM MST:-Nathaniel David Smith to discuss Black Friday Shopping - Don’t Lose Your Cool...For some, Black Friday shopping is like a sport. They prepare lists, check and compare ads and plan their shopping like it’s a strategic attack. In some ways, it can be like going to war, and if you don’t have the right attitude, you could end up losing your cool – or worse. David Smith is an anger management expert who’s seen it all. He’ll share tips to keep from blowing up and creating an incident.