Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Vice President for Marketing Leigh West says a proposed partnership between CRMC and Wyoming Medical Center in Casper is not a merger and would not eliminate local control of both hospitals. West says that although the partnership is unusually large for a venture involving two non-profit organizations, local hospital boards in both Cheyenne and Casper would continue to oversee operations of the two facilities, and the county commissions in both Laramie and Natrona counties will still retain final control over hospital operations. But West says the two facilities could pool their resources for such things as purchases, giving the two hospitals, in many cases, the purchasing power of a larger hospital in a more urban area. The two hospital boards agreed last week to explore a possible partnership, which they say would be helpful in keeping Wyoming health-care spending in-state, and would allow Wyoming residents the option of not having to travel out of state for many medical procedures.