If you're looking for something to do with the family before you break out the burger's and dogs on Independence Day, look no farther than the Historic Governors Mansion.

When you take a walk through the Historic Governor's Mansion, you're taking a walk through history. You'll see where Wyoming Governor's lived from 1905 to 1976 - America's 200th Birthday Anniversary!

You'll see vintage furniture, bedroom suites and pictures of Wyoming's Governor's from Governor Francis E. Warren to the present Governor Matt H. Mead. Find out about the nine Governors that served as Governor when Wyoming was just a Territory.

You'll also have the opportunity to see what life was like at the mansion before sliced bread and before electric washing machines. And don't forget the antique appliances used at the Historic Governors Mansion. You'll see the couch where actors George Burns and Gracie Allen sat while visiting then Governor Nels H. Smith.

If I shared it all here, you'd have no reason to go. So make plans to visit the Historic Governors Mansion in Cheyenne Wyoming. If you can go to the mansion, you can take the audio tour by calling 307-316-0075. For times and information, call 307-777-7878.