A bill that would allow the selection of university of Wyoming and state community college presidents to be closed to the public has passed the legislature.The bill was proposed after media outlets in the state protested the decision by the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees to hold a confidential search for a new president to replace retiring president Tom Buchanan. A judge recently ruled that current law requires that the names of finalists be made public. However, the bill that passed Tuesday would have the new law take effect immediately with the governor's signature, effectively nullifying the court ruling. Jim Angell, with the Wyoming Press Association says the bill chips away at the public documents act.

These laws are designed to help the people of Wyoming get the information they need to govern themselves....

The bill now goes to Governor Matt Mead who has not indicated whether or not he will sign the measure.

Lawmakers continue to work the supplemental budget bill.Senate Majority Floor Leader, Senator Phil Nicholas says the discussion every year seems to center around spending versus savings, but this year the discussion also includes budget cuts.

Not only don't you have crystal ball with respect to your revenues, everybody wants to leave money for cities, towns and counties...

Senate Minority Floor Leader, Senator Chris Rothfuss, says the legislature seems to be rushing towards cutting spending.

the panic we are in based on previous predictions, is not a panic that needs to be in place...

Governor Matt Mead says he still believes in his recommendation that the state put less money from mineral revenues into permanent savings and school construction and put more money into the state's rainy day fund in response to flat revenue projections.

this idea that we cut ten percent or eight percent one year and then we raise it up the next year is not a good process....

The Joint Appropriations Committee voted against his suggestions, and wants to put more money into permanent savings. The Legislature will continue to work the budget through the end of this week.


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