University of Wyoming President Tom Buchanan announced today (Thursday) that he will retire as president at the end of summer 2013, concluding a lengthy UW career that saw him preside over a period of tremendous progress. Buchanan, 61, made the announcement during his annual “State of the University” speech, where he noted that UW has largely achieved the “long list of things that I believed we needed to accomplish to move to the next level” when he became president in 2005. Gov. Matt Mead said Buchanan has left his mark on UW and the state. Governor Mead adds "the public in general continues to benefit from the research and academic excellence at UW, and most importantly, under Tom’s leadership students have continued to receive a high-quality education -- one that prepares them as thinkers and leaders and makes them sought after by employers.”

UW Board of Trustees President Dave Bostrom of Worland said the board accepted Buchanan’s retirement with regret, as the president has provided exemplary leadership and led the university with distinction. Bostrom said efforts will begin soon to find Buchanan’s replacement.