University of Wyoming researchers, students and industry will soon have world-class energy research facilities at their disposal when the Energy Innovation Center (EIC) opens in January. The $25.4 million state-of-the-art research and collaboration facility will help the School of Energy Resources (SER) and its various centers of excellence -- including the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI)  -- realize their full potential in such areas as enhanced oil recovery, carbon management and advanced coal technology.

The EIC, funded through private donations and state matching funds, will include approximately 30,000 square feet of space, highlighted by 12,000 square feet of rapidly reconfigurable laboratory space. Located between 10th and 11th streets on the south side of Lewis Street, the facility will assist UW and the SER in its mission to ensure that Wyoming becomes a global leader in building a secure and sustainable energy future.

School of Energy Resources Director Mark Northam says they are "really looking forward to seeing where we can go with this. The sky’s the limit once you have the facility. I’m very anxious to turn our faculty and students loose.”

Northam says the first wave of SER staff is expected to begin moving from the Bureau of Mines Building on campus into EIC offices Dec. 13. The EORI will be the first lab to relocate, but not until after Jan. 1.

(Information Courtesy of the University of Wyoming)