7:07AM MDT:  Gary Kreep- Obama vs. Supreme Court-Some were wondering if Barack Obama was getting an insider’s scuttlebutt on the Supreme Court’s deliberations underway regarding the Constitutionality of his signature healthcare reform law.Why else would he get so thorny in the Rose Garden before the judgment has even been rendered?Moreover, legal experts like United States Justice Foundation (USJF) president, Gary Kreep, a constitutional law attorney like Barack Obama claims to be himself, are also wondering where Mr. Obama gets his facts.As a guest on your show, Mr. Kreep can deconstruct Barack Obama’s remarks under the lens of the U.S. Constitution that stands at the center of the entire debate, and expose the White House occupant for all the flaws in his position.

7:37AM MDT-Kathy Blair from Hands on Physical Therapy-Will talk about treatments for acute and chronic pain. They offer trigger point dry needling, ASTYM, (a-stim)
and various manual techniques, and have some of the highest trained
therapists in the state. Our website at www.handsonpt.biz
8:07AM MDT -Dale  Steenbergen, Executive Director of  The Cheyenne Chamber- We'll talk with Dale about all the latest economic and buiness developments around Cheyenne and Laramie County including yesterday's announcement that Microsoft is to build a $112 million data center in Cheyenne.

9:07AM MDT-Sandy Shanor - Member of Lartamie County School Dist #1 Board of Trustees. Sandy will talk about all the latest developments on the board, including it's decision to go with UPLIFT as the new ombudsman service with the District for school bullying issues.