Today is law enforcement day on the Morning Zone.

7:07AM MST: Law enforcement columnist Jim Kouri is back with host, Dave Chaffin, to discuss the latest on terror. His latest column, posted now at, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service nabbed two terrorism suspects plotting attacks on the United States.

8:07AM MDT: Cheyenne Police Chief Bryan Kozak is back and wikll be talking about the City Council's vote last night to finally purchase the downtown Dinneen property as the site for the new public safety complex. Additionally, he will update us on othe rlaw enforcement issues and programs around Cheyenne.

9:07AM MDT: Laramie County Sheriff, Danny Glick guests. He too will comment on the choice of the Dinneen site for the new public safety complex and it's advantages to it's proximity to the County complex. We'll also talk with him about the recent terror attacks in Boston and how his department prepares for such potential attacks.