Today's Morning Zone Schedule:

7:07AM MDT: Law Enforcement columnist Jim Kouri joins host Dave Chaffin to discuss the path to citizenship for illegal aliens a sticking point in House...Even though an immigration reform bill passed through the U.S. Senate with relative ease and bipartisan support, both Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives are taking a long, hard look at the so-called "path to citizenship" which may be a sticking point in passing legislation in the House, according to several experts and lawmakers on Sunday morning's news shows.A number of conservative groups are opposed to the Senate bill's proposal involving eventual citizenship for more than 11 million illegal aliens, most of whom are Mexican or citizens of other Latin American countries.

7:37AM MDT: Cheyenne Mayor, Rick Kaysen will be with us to give his update on the latest happening in the city including the roundabout, negotiations with Cole Shopping Center Safeway for a liquor license, and progress on the new City Justice Center.

8:37AM MDT: Open Line Time. Call into the program with your thoughts at -1888-503-6500 toll free or locally at 307-632-6500 or 632-3323.