Catch The Morning Zone today and hear what Judah Freed and Mayor Rick Kaysen have to say.

7:07AM MDT: Judah Ken Freed is a seasoned media and politics journalist, a veteran radio broadcaster, and a frequent radio guest. Freed says, Obama Needs More than Social Media President Obama's campaign team is mounting the most sophisticated social media campaign in the history of national elections. Beyond the Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube outreach that made a deep impact in 2008, this time around the outreach will extend through all of the major and minor social media, like Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, DIgg, Technorati, and on down the lengthy list. Political analyst Judah Freed says the theory is that multiple exposures to Obama’s measure will sway voters. “What that doesn’t take into account, is the actual message. ‘We did far better than the press reports; we are better for the country than Romney; we're still cleaning up the economic mess cased
by Bush; we are getting out of Afghanistan; Iran is still a threat; don't switch horse in midstream etc.
etc..’ Obama (and Democrats) needs to convey a truly inspiring and believable vision of a better future, and so far that is compelling vision is missing in action.”

7:37AM MDT: Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen makes his monthly visit with us this morning. We will get his view and update on the City Council giving him the go-ahead to negotiate to buy the downtown hole, update on the East Pershing Blvd. improvements including the roundabout planned for 19th Street, Converse and Pershing. We'll also talk further with him about the items we'll be voting on on the upcoming August 21st ballot for the 6th Penny Sales Tax.