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5:05pm MDT -- Dr. Elizabeth Vliet and Dr. Cathleen London are here to continue the discussion on ObamaCare, particularly now as Doctors for America, of which Cathleen London is a member, prepare to meet with Congress in DC and support the individual mandate.

5:35pm MDT --  Newt Gingrich responds to rumors that he is exiting the race.  The former Speakers daughter said her Father will "reassess" his campaign after the votes are tallied in Delaware, so is this the end of the road for Newt?

6:35pm MDT -- John Yoo was a former official in the United States Department of Justice during the George W. Bush administration, and author of the well-known "Torture Memos" outlining  the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques.   He joins us to discuss the many legal missteps by Eric Holder, ObamaCare and the Administration.