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7:07AM MDT: Crime Columnist and show regular, Jim Kouri talks abbout his series of columns (posted here under commentary) on the Bengazi, Libya scandal.

7:37AM MDT: Once idolized by millions around the world, Lance Armstrong has fallen, and fallen hard. His reputation is in tatters, his corporate sponsors have fled, he’s
stepped down from his Livestrong foundation and now he’s been stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles and banned from cycling. The decision follows this month's finding by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency of "overwhelming" evidence Armstrong was involved as a
professional cyclist in "the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program." Dave
Shields is an elite level triathlete whose latest book
is, “The Tour,” a fictional account of an American
cyclist who finds himself under intense pressure to use
performance enhancing drugs. Shields had unprecedented
access to elite level athletes while writing the book
and spoke with many of them about why they decided to
dope, and what – if anything - could have been done to
compel them to make better decisions. Shields will
provide a fresh, compelling and honest evaluation of
what’s gone wrong in cycling and what needs to be done
to fix the problem. He frequently appears on network
TV, including CNN, Fox and ESPN and has done hundreds
of radio interviews.

8:07AM MDT: Editor and Chief of, Chris Yandek has interviewed over 1000 celebrities and newsmakers from all walks of life.  Yandek been featured in press coverage everywhere from ABC News, Page Six of the NY Post, TMZ, AOL, Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, MTV and many others.Biography:
Chris Yandek is the editor of CYInterview (, a media outlet featuring interviews with high profile individuals. Chris’s interviews are covered by numerous broadcast, print, and web-based media organizations. Celebrity interview and newsmaker  journalist Chris Yandek has lived through many hurricanes including the famous 1992 Hurricane Andrew that wrecked Miami and caused many to lose everything, Hurricane Katrina before it brought great destruction to the Gulf Coast and a half dozen other hurricanes and tropical storms over his life. As a native of Miami, Chris can provide comment about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy after it leaves the Northeast and can provide analysis on what people in the Northeast might deal with.

CYInterview covers a wide variety of newsmakers and celebrities, including individuals from Hollywood, sports, politics, health, law and everything in between. He has appeared and been interviewed on radio stations across the country from New York to California.

Chris Yandek has interviewed celebrities including James Caan, Zoe Saldana, Geoffrey Rush, Whoopi Goldberg, Kate Beckinsale, Eva Longoria, Joss Stone, Angela Bassett, Michael Bolton, Ernest Borgnine, Kathleen Turner, Kellan Lutz, Anika Noni Rose, Robert Wagner, Mean Suvari, Diahann Carroll, Terrence Howard, Kevin James, Russell Simmons, Kelly Rowland, Djimon Hounsou, Virginia Madsen, Alyssa Milano, La Toya Jackson, Mya, Sherri Shepherd, Miss Universe Leila Lopes, Cheryl Burke, Karen Allen, Keke Palmer and tons of others.

Mr. Yandek has also interviewed sports personalities including George Foreman, Pat Summitt, Mike Leach, Evan Lysacek, Randy Moss, Cal Ripken Jr., Keith Jackson, Kristi Yamaguchi, Sasha Cohen, Evander Holyfield, Kenny Smith, Antonio Tarver, Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, Emmitt Smith, and Tom Brady.

Chris's interviews in politics and other news related figures have included former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker, Michele Bachmann, Former U.S. Senator Arlen Specter, Vincent Bugliosi, Gloria Allred, Jesse Ventura, Former New Mexico Governor and 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson, Herman Cain, Jack Abramoff, Peter Schweizer, Steve Wozniak, Robin Roberts of Good Morning America and many others.

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