Today's Program Schedule:

7:07MST:  Crime and law enforcement columnist,Jim Kouri. He will discuss his latest column on the report, entitled "Pirate Trails," was a joint project conducted by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the World Bank and INTERPOL.Somalia-based pirates off the coast of the Horn of Africa have made close to a half-billion dollars in their abduction-for-ransom operations that have an adverse impact on global shipping, according to a new report released in Europe on Saturday.
7:37MST: Jim Caper, Complexity Baked into Obamacare... President Obama addressed Obamacare yesterday, claiming  that he is open to "working with anyone" to make the  law better. Dr. Philip Caper, a doc in Portland, Maine  says, “The problem with the ACA is not that the federal >> government is involved, but that literally thousands of  private insurers have their fingers in the cookie jar,
 resulting in a law that is much too complicated for  what it needs to accomplish, and too complex for anybody to administer efficiently and effectively.” He says the answer is a form of Medicare-for-all and will  explain how and why lawmakers aren’t embracing that. >> Dr. Cape is a regular columnist at the Bangor Daily News. He recently wrote the piece The High Costs of  Complexity in Health Care Reform.
8:07MST: Steve Klein Wyoming Liberty Group...Steve will be talking about what's coming up at their monthly meeting tonight at 6P.M., Making Your Voice Effective: Citizen Engagement with the Wyoming Legislature.
9:07MST  Laramie County Community College. They will be with us to talk more about their Building Forward Program up for vote today.