(Courtesy of Laramie County Community College)

Today's Morning Zone features Wyoming Liberty Group and LCCC

7:07AM MDT: Early Bird Open Lines...Weigh in onyour topic of the day before you have the head off to work. Call into the programand talk live with host Dave Chaffin at 1-888-503-6500

8:07AM MDT: Representatives from the Cheyenne Think Tank, Wyoming Liv\berty Group join Dave to  outline the topics that will be discussed tonight at their monthly open meeting tonight at 6PM at Wyoming Liberty Group,2nd Floor of The Read Building between 19th St.and 20th.Street on Thomes.

9:07AM MDT: The folks from Laramie County Community College with be in studio to talk about the latest important issues and events at LCCC. Spring Break is over and with school backin session there are lots of things happening between now and the end of the Spring Semester. Be the first to know from The Morning Zone.