Catch The Sean Hannity Radio Program today on AM650 KGAB and on our live stream at 4-7PM. Sean's guests will be:

5:05 pm MDT Congressman Paul Ryan is the House Budget Chairman will and will discuss the proposal he unveiled last week.  On Sunday's Face the Nation Ryan argued that his proposal requires sacrifice from all Americans - and disputed the White House claim that it would give millionaires a $150,000 tax cut.
5:35pm MDT Dr. Cathleen London and Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey are here to discuss the Supreme Court's decision to weigh in on Obamacare's individual mandate and how this interferes with the civil rights and freedoms as dictated by our constitution.
6:05pm MDT Ebony Magazine Contributor Zerlina Maxwell, CURE President Star Parker and Orlando Reporter Shannon Butler will discuss the latest in the Trayvon Martin Case.  Shannon interviewed an eye witness to the shooting of the young 17 year old by Zimmerman and will let the Hannity listeners what she found out.