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7:37AM MDT: Crime and Law Enforcement Communism, Jim Kouri joins us talking about the latest information that shows Chinese release report slamming U.S. crime, guns and police

In an international game of tit-for-tat, the Chinese government on Friday released a biting report regarding human rights in the United States, zeroing-in on crime statistics, gun ownership, and police action against rioters such as the Occupy Wall Street protesters.The Chinese were responding to a recent U.S. government report on China's human rights practices by issuing their own report on human rights issues within the United States.

"When I read the report I couldn't help but notice the fact that at least in the United States we keep records of people being arrested, or who have been killed or injured, or other items listed on the Chinese 'study.' However, try to find out what's happened to hundreds and thousands of Chinese dissenters and 'enemies of the state' -- where are those records, and if they exist,  how accurate are they?" asks political strategist and attorney Mike Baker.

8:37AM MDT:CHINA IN DEBT TO AMERICA?: OBAMA MAY BE FORGIVING $1 TRILLION IN CHINESE DEBT OWED TO AMERICAN PEOPLE Image Whenever the subject of China is brought up, people almost immediately think about how much the U.S. Government is in debt to the Chinese. What is never brought up is the amount of debt the Chinese owe the American people. In fact, the amount turns out to be more than the $787 Billion stimulus bill in 2009. In the early 20th Century and even during WWII, the Chinese issued bonds purchased by US Citizens that has not been paid back.In addition, the U.S. government, using taxpayers’ dollars, lent the Chinese hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars that have since fallen through the cracks and have never been collected.

Jonna Bianco, president and founder of the American Bondholders Foundation (ABF) joins host Dave Chaffin and she says that if China is the economic superpower the world believes it is, they should now begin paying back this debt to its American bondholders and the American people. Instead, China is ignoring these obligations and buying things like banks and movie theaters on American soil.