You are invited to THINK BEFORE BREAKFAST, with us here in The Morning Zone from 6-10AM MDT.. Today, our guests will be:

7:07AM MDT: Crime Columnist and long time friend of the program, Jim Kouri joins host Dave Chaffin. Jim will discuss his latest column (seen here on Police and security forces in President Barack Obama's ancestral home in Kenya said Sunday on a Fox News Channel broadcast that they are disappointed that they've not yet arrested suspects who perpetrated two bombings at a Nairobi neighborhood on Friday night, an Israeli counterterrorism source told the Law Enforcement Examiner.

7:37AM MDT: Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen joins us for his monthly update on what's happening in the City.

9:07AM MDT: Duane Loyd (education specialist) and Dennis Hemmer (tree specialist) will be here representing the Laramie County Conservation District.  The Conservation District is supported by a half mill levy that goes on the ballot every 4 years and this year is one of those years, so they will be on to let you  know what the Conservation District does.