A 27 year old transient is being accused of hiding in a cooler at the DT's Liquor Mart on Ridge Road in Cheyenne until the store closed, and then stealing and drinking several alcoholic beverages. Police spokesman Lew Simpson says the incident occurred on October 10, when a suspect later identified as Sean Moore allegedly went into the store while it was still open and went into the cooler  without being seen. Simpson says according to video surveillance at the store, Moore hid in the cooler until the store closed, and then left the cooler and entered the main part of the store where he  consumed several alcoholic beverages before leaving.

Simpson says store employees and police were  able to identify Moore from the surveillance tape. He was arrested on October 12th at the Laramie County Jail, where he was being held on other charges. Simpson says Moore is facing burglary charges for stealing and drinking the liquor, adding no money was taken in the theft.