All your vacation plans have been made, the car is fueled and you're ready to go. What do you do to prepare for Rocky and your pet sitter?

I recently talked to Paul Mann of FETCH - Pet Care, who had some great tips on how to prepare before you go on vacation without your pet. On the Top 5 at 7:45 today, I'll highlight what I thought were the best highlights of our discussion.

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  1. Emergency Numbers: All pet sitters should have all the contact information that they need. Your pets vet and your phone number.
  2. Schedule: Make preparations for your sitter far in advance. This gives you time to meet with the sitter, allow Rocky to get acquainted with the sitter and to do a walk through.
  3. Thermostat: Make sure you pre-program and properly set your thermostat in your home. We don't want Rocky to freeze or roast in your home.
  4. Pet Proof Your Home: You don't want Rocky tearing up the place due to boredom and accessibility. Make sure toilet seats are down, cupboards and closets closed and put medications in their proper place.
  5. Visitor List: If your dwelling place is within a gated community, you will want to authorize and advise the security officer that you are going on vacation and that someone will be coming in periodically to check on Rocky.