If you're out of work, then getting that phone call from a boss asking you to come in for an interview is a great feeling. But preparation doesn't end with the phone call or your application.

Today on the Top 5 at 7:45, I'll highlight 5 things you should do BEFORE you sit in front of your potential new boss to try and help you secure the job. The Top 5 at 7:45 airs weekdays on KGAB Mornings with me, Gary Freeman.

  1. Research The Company - Believe it or not, the interviewer will pay attention to those who have researched the history of the company and those who have not. It's good to research some basic facts of the company prior to entering the job interview.
  2. Find Your Interviewer On Linkedin - Take a few moments to review your interviewers page on Linkedin. Linkedin is a social media outlet that allows you to see professional networks from around the globe.
  3. Common Connections - Do you and the interviewer have any common connections on Facebook, Twitter or other social media?
  4. Practice - Get a mirror and practice in front of it. Look at how you will answer questions in your interview. Check facial expressions, voice and deportment.
  5. How To Answer - Figure out before hand, how you intend to answer the question from the interviewer concerning why you left your last place of employment and what your last position and responsibilities were.