Dr. Margaret Cochran


There are lots of really worrisome things going on in the world right now both abroad and domestically and today host Dave Chaffin takes a look with his guests.

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7:37AM MDT: World traveler, author and columnist Micah Halpern returns to talk with Dave about the nuclear saber rattling in North Korea and give us an update on the latest in the middle east, too.

8:07AM MDT: Dr. Margaret Cochran returns to talk with Dave about the latest efforts to improve mental health and substance abuse and comments on this from HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in a blog yesterday, saying "America has come a long way in talking about mental health, yet we are still a country that too often confines mental health and addiction to the far edges of our discourse. We cannot ignore the fact that 60 percent of people with mental health conditions and nearly 90 percent of people with substance use disorders don’t receive the care they need. That is why the Affordable Care Act is so important to mental health. The health care law, along with previous parity legislation, will expand mental health and substance use disorder benefits and parity protections for 62 million Americans."

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