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7:07AM MDT:  Rabbi D.B. Ganz will talk about what he considers phony scandals.
7:37AM MDT:-Ron Swager author of Day of the Elephants. On May 27th, 2011, a Liberian man named Roland Deah walked into the Tucson office of Ron Swager looking for a job. Little did Swager know that for the next two hours he would be captivated by the story of this young man’s life.  After hearing Deah’s story of Liberian civil war, witnessing the murders of his family members, surviving in the jungle, and living at a refugee camp, Swager decided that he had to share the story of this man’s journey to The United States. That story is Swager’s Day of the Elephants, co-written and edited by Ed Chinn.

9:07AM MDT: Shane Smith from Cheyenne's Botanic Gardens