Thursday on The Morning Zone, Dave's guests will be....

7:07AM MST: Robert Sweet  will be discussing the implications of the Egyptian Soccer Riot. Are the police and military to blame? Robert served as a senior White House staffer for President Ronald Reagan and as Director of the National Institute of Education. Having worked more than 20 years working in Washington, D.C., Robert served as Administrator of Juvenile Justice, and was a senior staff member in the U.S. Justice Department on its Committee on Education and the Workforce—under then Chairman John Boehner.Having a passion for the English language and seeing it taught properly in schools, Robert founded and is sitting president of the National Right to Read foundation. He is currently Vice President of Operations for Christian Freedom International where he has worked since 2007.

7:37AM MST:  Travis Lingenfelter from Pointe Frontier Retirement Community continues his series on aging and retirement with a discussion on the  financial disasters for seniors and he will tie it all in with VA assistance, which is a huge topic right now.


8:07AM MST: We’ve all heard the say, “90% of the people retire dead or dead broke.” But the reason old sayings are still with us is that they’re often true. Is this the case when it comes to the retirement in America? Unfortunately, it’s painfully true. Ron Lara is CEO of Lara, Shull & May, LLC. A seasoned and experienced professional gives us his take. Ron founded Lara, Shull & May, Ltd. in 1981 based on his focus and determination to help clients create and implement a plan to achieve their lifetime goals. Specializing in tax efficient strategies to maximize wealth, his client base extends across the country as well as multi-generations of families.Striving to supply the tools required to help individuals reach their goals, Ron has co-created two powerful investment strategy tools: The Lifetime Success Solution® and The Retirement Success Solution®. These financial planning programs help clients realize their goals and work from these to form a base plan to achieve them. In 2006, Ron authored the book The Retirement Success Solution, which details the steps necessary to achieve one’s retirement goals and offers expertise based on his more than 40 years of investment management experience.