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5:05pm MDT --  Pat Buchanan will reflect on the White House's attack on the Supreme Court of the United States.

5:35pm MDT --  Democratic Pundit Doug Schoen is here to discuss the release of his new book, Hopelessly Divided which analyzes the growing chasm between the political class—politicians, lobbyists, fundraisers, consultants—and the American Mainstream, frustrated with government’s inability to address the major issues effecting their lives. This gap has given rise to populist movements on the right and the left and driven our two-party system to the brink of possible collapse—in ways that have never been fully discussed or articulated.


6:05pm MDT --  Small Business Consultant and Life Mentor, Amilya Antonetti, and Maryland Governor Ehrlich are here to discuss the challenges facing existing and start up companies today and the state of the economy.