The Distraction of Guns, Budget, Taxes, and Politics; Let’s Not Forget the Middle East, Jihad, the Muslin Brotherhood, Israel, And, Due to Obama’s Policies–The World’s Next Major War?

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Reid and Dr. Tawfik Hamid, a Mid East native and well known expert, have an alarming–and fascinating–in depth discussion of the Mid East and Egypt–a discussion of hot emotions, crazy rhetoric, bewildering politics, frightening ideology and sinister intent. Obama and the US blew it. Our mistakes – or politically motivated missteps at the expense of America’s security — in policies from a White House, administration, and Government infiltrated with Muslin Brotherhood members and disciples, some of whom Tawfik courageously calls out by name – might be partially correctable, but only if we change direction, and understand and admit the threats and consequences  of our past “mistakes”.