Or are they absolutely mainstream and dedicated to the Constitution and the oath to uphold it? And their founder, Stewart Rhodes? A Radical? Or a brilliant, Yale-trained Constitutional scholar?


R.L. Rosenthal, TWM

You NEED to know about this main-stream-media maligned outfit, particularly at this time of hysterical cries for gun control. This group of 22,000 core, dues paying members–all military and/or law enforcement–and another several hundred thousand like-minded military and law enforcement proponents could well be one of the most important lines of defense of your personal freedoms, and the sanctity of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.

You will be startled at the Yale, multi-generational military, honor and publication laden resume of their founder, Stewart Rhodes, and his keen insight into actual and looming trespass by the government on our liberties. And what exactly is the oath this group has promised to uphold regardless of consequences? And what ten orders from “up high” have they sworn to NEVER obey–starting with disarming American citizens? Join Reid and Stewart Rhodes for a fascinating interview and deep insight into the anti-freedom ambitions of some in government, and the Oath Keeper’s courageous, and pre-emptive refusal to obey orders which those dark souls may well issue in the future. You just may hear historical whispers of the spring breezes of April 1776.

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