We will kick off our discussions this morning at 7:07AM MDT with Robert Sweet, president of Christian Freedom International (CFI), very well qualified to discuss the persecution of Christians and the motivations behind the Arab Spring they all warned about many months ago. A news report just yesterday reports Christians are under a serious threat as radical Islam spreads in the 'new middle east'.

At 7:37, ALG praises Senate for blocking $35 billion states bailout...Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson ,last week, issued the following statement praising 47 Senate Republicans, and Democrat Senators Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson and Mark Pryor for rejecting a $35 billion states bailout:  “Every single Senate Republican, as well Senators Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, and Mark Pryor deserve the thanks of the American people for blocking a $35 billion bailout of bankrupt states that refuse to get their fiscal houses in order.  It is apparent Obama, with enthusiasm dying for his reelection, needs to discard his ‘pass it now’ speech when he cannot even get a simple majority with his own party in power in the Senate.

Our guest at 8:07 will talk about... Occupy Wall Street needs to part with its wealth. However, as the protests evolve, more nefarious groups have surreptitiously joined in. For example, the American Nazi Party (link below) has endorsed the protests. So has the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). President Barack Obama has expressed solidarity with the protests as well. Now, thanks to some actual video journalism, a Muslim Brotherhood connection at the Occupy Orlando Protest has reportedly been uncovered! That connection allegedly involves a man named Shayan Elahi, an attorney with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group closely connected with Hamas; it also resides under the larger Muslim Brotherhood umbrella. TED SHOEBAT, son of a former Muslim terrorist and PLO member, has done extensive research on how ideologies like Islam, communism, and Nazism actually find common cause. He maintains that it is no coincidence that the American Nazi Party, the CPUSA, and the Muslim Brotherhood are on the same side of these protests.

Micah Halpern, our middle eastern analyst is back with us at 8:37 to give us the absolute latest on what's happening in Libya, Syria and Tunisia today.

Then at 9:07, Steve Bahmer, Executive Director of the Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees will be with us to tell us about the first-ever Wyoming Summit on Community Colleges coming up on Novemeber 2 in Cheyenne.