Join us starting at 7:07AM MDT as we talk with Pervez Hoodbhoy,  professor of physics at Quaid-i-Azam  University in Pakistan. He just wrote the piece "The  Curious Case of Osama bin Laden" for The Express  Tribune, the first internationally affiliated newspaper in Pakistan. He says, “Bin Laden was the ‘Golden Goose’  that the army had kept under its watch but which, to  its chagrin, has now been stolen from under its nose.  Until then, the thinking had been to trade in the Goose  at the right time for the right price, either in the  form of dollars or political concessions. Osama’s  killing is now a bone stuck in the throat of Pakistan’s establishment that can neither be swallowed nor spat  out. To appear joyful would infuriate the Islamists who  are already fighting the state. On the other hand, to  deprecate the killing would suggest that Pakistan had  knowingly hosted the king of terrorists.”

Then at 7:37 listen as Author and former Al Qaeda interrogator James Rosone  guests. He served in Iraq with the Air Force from 2006 through 2007 and then as a private contractor from 2008 through2010. He’s spoken with in great detail and length to numerous Al Qaeda members and gained a fairly good understanding of them. He says, “Osama bin Laden’s death is a huge blow to the organization as a whole, but Al Qaeda still remains and still poses a threat to us. Though bin Laden has been killed, his organization is still very much alive and running in East Africa and in the Arabian Peninsula.” Rosone has logged over 2,500 hours of interrogation experience and written over 150 intelligence reports resulting in the capture of numerous high level Al Qaeda members. He is the author of “Dinner with a Terrorist: An Insider’s Perspective to Interrogating Al Qaeda.”