My daughter's first Junior High School Volleyball game is after school this afternoon, and of course, my wife's and my attendance is obligatory.

Now, normally, watching a volleyball game,(unless it is Olympic beach volleyball, of course), is a bit like watching paint dry. Actually ranks right up there with golf and tennis, and you walk away with a stiff neck from following the ball back and forth. But, when your daughter is one of the star players (at least that's what she says), suddenly all that changes and now it ranks right up there with a good Broncos' football game and daughter becomes as important as the quarter back.

Actually, I also enjoy Junior High volley ball for other reasons, too. Mainly because it is so much fun to watch the other parents (especially the Dads) who engage as they might from their couch when the Broncos turn over the football. Suddenly there is excitement, vigot and well, ummm, a few choice words to brighten the event, while the Mom's no longer are able to watch the game for having to keep Dad in check.

Isn't it ironic how everything changes once one's child actually becomes the star?...Just sayin.