This morning starting at 9:07, The Morning Zone Program will help kick off the 6th Annual Day of Giving going on today all day at the Community House at Lyon's Park.  The Day of Giving is now really a year round effort to help agencies in our community by using donations from you to purchase items needed by those agencies including COMEA House, Family Promise, Home Away from Home, Magic City Enterprises, Needs Inc., St. Joseph's Food Pantry, Safehouse Services, Salvation Army, and the Wyoming Coalition for the Homeless. We will talking live with folks at the Community House involved with The Day of Giving, and inviting you to engage in The Day of Giving. Remember,  for the very first time this year, you will be able to make donations and pledges to the Day of Giving Live-line all day from 9AM til 5PM at 307-747-9130... or online at or click through from right here on

Before that, at 7:07AM MDT, in our Kids-At-Risk series on The Morning Zone, John Frentheway, Gary Freeman and Dave Chaffin will explore the results of a new study  published in the current issue of Child Development.The study reveals that children in both China and the United States who want to please their parents tend to do better at school.Yet in the United States, American kids' drive to please their parents declines during early adolescence, while in China feelings of obligation toward parents stay strong and even grow as kids hit their teenage years. Researchers attribute that to cultural differences -- Americans view adolescence as a time in which teens assert their individualism, while the Chinese believe in "filial piety," or the idea that it's a child's responsibility to bring honor to their families and repay their parents for the sacrifices they made in raising them.That means for Chinese kids, becoming a teenager doesn't mean rebelling or pulling away from family life, but becoming a more responsible member of it.

At 8:07, Marvin Nash from the Nash Foundation and Bullying Hurts .com is back to further explore the latest issues regarding bullying. Marvin will report on the recent results when members of our community came together to help deal with a serious bullying incident, plus, more on the case of the teens given a slap on the wrist for bullying Phobe Prince in Mass. to her death.